This space is so unconventional, I can see how it mirrors the ethos of the fair, and I love the idea that it is literally underground – the underground art fair!...The collaborative and communal spirit of the fair is felt quite viscerally.

Art Review

Exhibitors were pleased to be back in the war bunker revamped by Herzog & de Meuron, which stages Basel’s alternative June Art Fair..It made for a good looking fair that despite its raw surrounds, fielded high quality work from galleries..

Financial Times

June is casual, a term that, however, has little to do with the type of art on show: strong presentations by a tight selection of galleries and project spaces.

Conceptual Fine Arts

A booth-free alternative to Basel's overcrowded art fairs inside a Herzog & de Meuron building.

Kate Brown, Artnet

June has no booths, no sections, and much less danger of visual overload. The result makes for enjoyable viewing.

Kate Brown, Artnet

A laid-back addition to the high-pressure Basel landscape.

Andrew Russeth, Artnews